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The first-ever premium trading card set for jackass, featuring iconic cast members, cameos, this year’s rookies and, of course, the most absurd stunts


Learn more about zerocool’s first release EVER: VeeFriends, an ultra-limited trading card set based on Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT project


The first trading card brand for culture

Culture Driven

zerocool is the first trading card company built around the biggest names in pop culture, art and entertainment. We work with today’s most influential and inspiring creators, leaders and brands.

Equal Access

Our auctions create a level-playing field - everyone has the same access to bid on our products. No preferential treatment or unfair advantages.

Fair Pricing

You set the price, not zerocool — this is true market-based pricing. In a Blind Dutch Auction everyone pays the same price for the same product, and almost everyone pays less than their bid.

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zerocool is the first trading card company focused on the biggest names in pop culture, art, and entertainment.

Most zerocool products will be sold in a Blind Dutch Auction, which we believe is the most fair way to sell trading cards. All you have to do is place a bid for the most you are willing to pay, and we do the rest! But if you’re interested in the details, check out this video or read this detailed recap of zerocool's first Blind Dutch Auction to see how it works.

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Our goal is to get cards into your hands to rip ASAP, though shipping times will vary. You will receive an email with detailed shipping information within 4 weeks after confirmation of your winning bid.

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